The path of a professional is nothing less than a labyrinth. One wrong turn on the way and you may end up wasting a considerable amount of your valuable time in reaching the ultimate goal of your life – to reach the epitome of professional excellence. A very common fear of professionals before joining in is the validity of their decision to join the new work place.

At Kantilal Patel & Co., you can fulfil your lifelong dream of becoming the professional with the highest standard of values and ethics, alongside unmatched exposure to varied fields of work. At KPC, we invest in the future of our member and this ensures maximum retention coupled with the highest levels of self-satisfaction of the member with the work.

With the soothing and serene location of the firm, it is considered to be offering one of the finest working environments in the city. To work overlooking the Riverfront is a joy in itself which can be best explained only by experiencing for one’s own self.

At KPC, we offer career opportunities in Assurance, Tax, Consulting and Financial advisory services. With the varied clientele and the collaborative and unified principles of the firm’s working pattern, KPC has been a place where students as well as experienced professionals find comfort and enjoyment to work. With an optimum cultural mix and its blend with the proper corporate practice at KPC, it has been THE PLACE for the students to experience the first look of the corporate world by commencing their internship from this firm.